Ethical channel

In compliance with Law 2/2023, Karbest has enabled a channel so that both workers and any person who has a relationship with this company can confidentially report irregular facts or conduct of which they are aware and which are or may constitute a crime and that are related to any Karbest worker.

The scope of these complaints includes three types of actions or omissions:

  • Those that may go against certain community standards. Among others, there are those related to competition and corporate tax.
  • Those that may constitute a criminal offense.
  • Those that may constitute serious or very serious administrative infractions. These are typified in various state or regional laws (tax, labor, environmental, consumer, among many others).

Please note that publicly communicating or revealing information knowing that it is false is considered a very serious infraction and that the Law provides for fines from 30,001 to 300,000 euros for persons who commit it (articles 63.1.f and 65.1.a of the Law 2/ 2023 of February 16).

Karbest guarantees the confidentiality of all those who use this reporting channel.

To use this channel, send an email to

Your message will be registered anonymously, receiving a confirmation response in which you will be provided with a complaint ID through which you can consult the status as well as expand the information provided, provide new documents, evidence, etc. In no case will the sender be recorded, only the data provided in the message.

Once the complaint is received, it will be included in the Complaints Registry. Once the facts of the complaint have been analyzed, the decision will be made to initiate an investigation regarding the reported facts or the complaint may be archived if it is considered to be totally unfounded, with the reasons for both decisions being recorded in the file.